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By Karen Haslam 07 Aug You may choose to store all your photos - whether taken on your iPhone, compact, or SLR camera - on your Mac. This is a great way of making sure they are backed up, however, if you are a bit 'snap happy', then your Mac storage space can quickly run out. One option is to use iCloud Photo Library to store full-res versions in the cloud, and lower-res versions on your computer as well as being able to view them on other devices.

But iCloud Photo Library isn't a backup as such - if you delete a photo that was taken on your iPhone it will be deleted from the cloud too. So what can you do if you want to keep all of your photos somewhere safe and you don't have room on your Mac to do so? Then, whenever you open the Photos app on your Mac, it will access this drive and show you your photos as long as it's plugged in, of course! Browse your iPhoto library and select the photos or photo albums you wish to export. You can choose multiple photos or albums by holding down the Command key and clicking the photos you want, or by dragging the mouse over a range of photos.

Choose the appropriate file format, quality, size, and other settings from the pop-up window. Below is brief rundown of the various options:. Choose a save location for your images. Your images should now be saved in the destination you chose in Step 5. Now do with them what you will! I called Mac support and the tech there tried to help but could not find my images.

But as a last effort, he installed a newer version of iphoto that would work on my new computer and all of my old photos suddenly appeared and organization was back,. What I worry about is that Mac has created a situation that will ultimately eat my organization if not my cherished images. That would be like dumping thousands of photos into a big box without any way to locate the photos we are seek. Why is Apple abandoning iphoto users???? Is there a way to merge multiple libraries into one?

How to back up your iCloud Photo Library

For example you have multiple libraries and would like to have one centralized library? Can this now be done? I think every single person here needs to contact Apple and complain. I want my photos back!!!!! I appreciate your help. However, my iPhoto Library was not an option in either of the choices you gave.

If I uninstall it and re down load do you think it will prompt me and find the iPhoto Library? Error code I could invent a time machine and retake all the pictures faster. This stinks. Nice Apple. After performing a Yosemite clean install I end up with an empty Photos app and no iPhoto.

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Following your instructions I copied my old iPhoto library from a backup to my new Pictures folder. I relaunched the Photos app holding down the Option key and selected the iPhoto library. Photos app successfully imported my photos. I wander if I can safely erase one of the libraries of if I have to keep the duplicated libraries forever?

Has anyone else had this happen? I have no idea why it started or how to stop it. Help please! I have my iPhoto library stores on an external hard drive. Fingers crossed!! Has anyone else attempted to do it this way? Totally newbie to Mac. I had most of my pictures in iphoto and then photo app appeared.

Had picutres in both Looked up how to import into photo app. Worked but looks like I lost pictures that were already in photo app. I am sure they are there…help me find them. I mean, I did option-click Photos, but now it seems to be writing the Photos Library, or at least a folder called.

How to export your photos using iPhoto

I attempted to import my iPhoto library which is located on an external HD and got a error message that reads:. To access this library copy it to the internal drive on your Mac or to a drive that uses a supported format. Can anyone help? Connect the drive and look at the partition in Disk utility to see what the disk format is.

Photos probably requires HFS for various features. Yes, it formatted NTFS. Thank you for your help! And the photos weigh GB…. Pablo—Mac tech and I even looked in my iTunes storage for the photos, he said this was the last resort—evidently sometimes the Thus, my intuition told me that some people have lost audio files as well as images files in this fiasco.

Step 2. Remove duplicates and other useless photos

I am betrayed by Apple. Long search supervised by an Apple tech. Have about surviving photos. This Yosemite I do have backup of images related to my history website. I do not have a UTD backup of grandchildren photos. He was very competent, in a horribly compromised situation.

How To Safely Move Your iPhoto Library to Another Hard Drive

Emily, I am sorry to hear this, but glad you talked to the official Apple Support channel as they can be helpful. But, your photos were lost how? More details about iPhoto here:. I would be appalled if my photos were lost in the process of updating software, that is hard to imagine being an acceptable risk during a simple software update. Well, I managed to do what was advised above, and managed to open iPhoto through Terminal, and discovered a cleaned-out iPhoto—hundreds of older photos have vanished!

The other or so appear to have disappeared! Or are they hidden somewhere? Can you advise how to do this, please? Cannot open iPhoto into the updated Yosemite; new Photo has migrated only some of the iPhoto files; the majority of the iPhoto file photos appear to have vanished. Fortunately, I have a backup of the Poodle history visuals; not so all the family photos. Likely the lost. This is fantastically annoying.

I am trying to get my iPhoto library from my one laptop to another and nothing works well. Just does an error. I am wondering if anyone knows how to edit a photo in a different application, like Photoshop, from the new Photos? I do not see where I can change it to open in a different application or make it automatically do this. This alert usually means there are incorrect permissions for the folder where you are creating a new Photos library. If your Photos library is in your Pictures folder, use this set of Terminal commands to set new permissions:.

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  5. Type the following command and press Return. I gave up using iPhoto in favour of creating my own folders and using Darktable, but I am curious about Photos…. Like, I can see in the corner the options I theoretically have, greyed out, but when I click on them absolutely nothing happens at all. So… uh, what? Are any of you weirdly unable to edit anything on there as well, or is that just me?

    I followed this but now the thumbnails that appeared in iPhoto do not appear in Photos. In fact Photos now no longer displays thumbnails at all. Hi there.

    Same problem. I had trouble importing to photos. I think because of the space issue. So my question is can I set up my photo library in external disc. Need help?

    How to set up and start using Photos on your Mac | iMore

    I have a similar issue to AnneMarie. Is it trying to duplicate my entire album? Why can Photos use the external drive as iPhoto did? Hi all.

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    What I have to do to see my pictures again? Oh, I also forgot one thing.