Mac keyboard not working green light flashing

I have lost the bluetooth connection before.

Do you have a wired USB mouse handy? There's also a checkbox you can tick in the Bluetooth section to show bluetooth status in the menu bar, for easy access. Then, every device will be listed in a menu, with a sub-menu where you can connect or disconnect. If you have wired peripherals on hand I don't. Can you get to it via screen sharing from whatever machine you're typing this on?

I've tried this, and the light flashes, but it still doesn't work. I don't know how to do that. In the Finder sidebar left side of a Finder window of your MacBook Pro, is the new machine listed under the "shared" section? If so, you can control the iMac remotely.

Green light on Mighty Mouse blinks two times

There is no "shared" section in the finder sidebar on my MacBook Pro. That's because there's no shared machines available, alas.

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I was only hoping it might have showed up there, but you would probably have had to turn on sharing in the iMac prefs. I believe it's off by default on new machines. Sorry, without a USB mouse, I'm outta ideas.

Apple wireless keyboard green light blinking, can't log into my iMac

Yeah, the only thing I've done with this iMac is doing the migration and then getting to the Finder. I haven't set up anything. For now, maybe you could shut it down and re-start holding down the "R" key? This should allow you to boot up from the recovery partition.

But the "R" key is on the keyboard that doesn't work. Then you could just hold down the power button on the back of the machine to turn it off.

My wireless keyboard is flashing green bu… - Apple Community

Then turn it back on again. I just got the keyboard and trackpad to work by turning the computer off with the power button, then turning it back on. After the startup, it automatically searched for the devices. The migration doesn't seem to have worked, but whatever. I have no idea what to do now Posted on Apr 10, 2: Page content loaded.

Apr 10, 2: Then Restart the computer by using the mouse. The box was checked but i did restart my system anyways. My wireless keyboard is flashing green but won't show up on my mac. More Less.

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What if this doesn’t work for you?

Ask a question. Related Article If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't working as expected.

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