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mac os x lion cisco vpn timeout

Adam Lewis Adam Lewis 1 1 silver badge 13 13 bronze badges. VPN can either allow this or prevent this - you need to know the details of what you asked your VPN client to do. It's entirely possible the person that set up the mac configuration didn't allow split routing. It could be by intention or by omission, but asking them is the best way out of your dilemma. Please do not take this a disrespectful, I honestly cannot figure out the answer to it either. Also, the mac client of the Cisco software doesn't always interpret the same file in the same way.

Big headache, especially when the IT person won't listen when you have a legitimate problem.

Mac OS X VPN Encryption Defaults - Server Fault

The cisco client software was always the biggest headache for me with all the versions, highly restricted dowload site, lack of public knowledge base, etc Or to be succinct. Split routing means the Mac software allows it. Your config has to tell the mac to keep it's default route active and just overlay the corporate IP ranges. It doesn't really matter what windows does - your mac OS needs instructions that it understands. B Morin B Morin 3 3 bronze badges.

macOS 10.6—10.12 IPSec VPN Setup Tutorial

I believe that Viscosity supports split tunneling with pfSense. This looks pretty cool. I will give it a try when I reboot into OS X.

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Thanks for the link! Does the any-any rule still force traffic over the tunnel?

Cisco VPN for Mac

Meaning would requests to IE: www. Yup, the traffic is still forced over the tunnel and using the DNS on the endpoint. On this page you can define the dns settings that your vpn clients should use. Hope this helps.

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It's a DSL connection I am connecting to, so bandwidth is not what you would call plentiful It seems on Windows 7, connecting to the same Pfsense router still allows my local traffic to go through normally. Does this make sense to you that Win 7 behaves differently than OS X at the routing level?

I'm not sure about Win7. Specify the pre-shared key also on the "Shared Secret" field. After you input them, click the "OK" button. After return to the previous screen, check the "Show VPN status in menu bar" and click the "Advanced The advanced settings will be appeared.

You can start a new VPN connection by clicking the "Connect" button at any time. You can access to any local servers and workstation on the destination network. Table of contents 1. server DNS address could not be found

Initial configurations only once at the first time 2. Start a VPN connection 3.

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