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For other Linux distributions , you have to compile from the source see below. For other AROS platforms, you have to compile from the source. For MorphOS , you must currently compile from source see below. For Nokia smartphones running Maemo , see the Maemo packages page. For Nokia smartphones running Meego , you have to compile from the source see below.

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For Nokia smartphones running Symbian , download from the Nokia Store note that the latest Symbian version is 0. For Open Pandora , download the binary package. You can also compile from source same instructions as for Linux. The source code is available , released under the GPL v2 or later. On Linux including the Pandora , try running from the command line from Terminal window, type gigalomania to see if that gives any informative error message.

Ensure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card. Please contact me to report any problems. Select a player.

Mega lo Mania

This is to select how many people you want to play the island — the more people, the easier it is. In the full game, you have a fixed number of people to use across all the islands, but for this demo you can choose as many as you like. On the first age, try about people to begin with, then adjust accordingly for future games if you want the game to be easier or harder. Later ages will require more people. Select one of the squares of the island shown in the top left.

Mega lo Mania (Amiga) - A Playguide and Review - by

When you click on a square, the game will start. Screen layout: In the top left corner is a map of the island.

The currently displayed sector is highlighted with a grid. Coloured boxes in a square represent sectors which are occupied by either you or the computer players. Smaller coloured boxes in the corner of a square represent armies that are present in that sector.

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To the right of the map are displayed the player shields. If any armies are in the current sector, then the number of soldiers in each army for each player will be displayed next to the shield. Above the shields is a picture of a arrow — clicking left or right button on this icon changes the speed of the game or on a touchscreen, click this icon to cycle through the three rates of time. In the main screen area is a depiction of the current sector. This may show buildings that are in the sector, along with armies. To the left, below the map is the main control panel.

Firstly, the name of the island and the age for the current sector is displayed. For sectors which you control i. Most parts of the interface should have popup help text which explains what you can do by pressing which mouse buttons though not on pure touchscreen platforms like Android. A new panel will appear, with three columns of icons. Select one on the right most column, e.

Use the right mouse button to click on the man icon, and increase the number or on a touchscreen, click on the man icon, then use the arrows that appear — this is the number of people designing the weapon you have selected. The clock will start counting down. Click and hold down the left mouse button to add people armed with this weapon to your army.

The total number in your army is displayed beneath the shield icon to the lower right. The mouse cursor should now have changed to a shield icon. Move the mouse over the map at the top left. Click on the map square containing the enemy tower. The army will be deployed, and the map will switch to the new sector. Your people will attack the buildings there, and eventually destroy them.

Mega Lo Mania Free Download

The AI may deploy soldiers to defend, depending on what weapons they have invented. To complete the island successfully, you must destroy all enemy towers and people. You can also view some videos: Complete playthrough of every island v0. Playthrough of the first island v0. Controls The game can be entirely controlled with the mouse or touchscreen, though additional keys are: P — [un]pause game; Escape — quit and return to start screen.

Game types When you first load the game, you can choose between two game types: Single Island: You can choose to play on any island of any age you like. You always have a large pool of people, from which you can play with as many as you like. Essentially this game style treats each Island as an individual game, with no scorekeeping between islands. This is the only form of gameplay available in versions 0.

All Islands: Here you must start on the first age. Each time you win and island, it is removed from the list, and you do not play it again; only when every island in an age is completed do you advance to the next age. You only have a limited amount of people determined by the difficulty level that you choose on the next screen , and receive an additional allocation each age.

Download Mega Lo Mania

Be careful not to use them all up too soon! The options menu in the main screen also has options for saving and loading games. You then choose which colour player you wish to be. Each player has their own special skill: Red People — Your unarmed men will be stronger. Yellow People — Other players will be more likely to agree to form an alliance with you.

Green People — You can build new towers more quickly. Blue People — Your buildings will be stronger against attack, and take longer to destroy. Main menu Next you will be shown the main menu. In one mouse button mode, only the left mouse button is required e. Useful for touchpads. If disallowed, then nuclear weapons and defences are not available this means that the age has no weapon or defence associated with it.

There are 10 available slots to save in. Main game See Quickstart , above, for a basic introduction for the game. Spare people will, left to their own devices, gradually reproduce and grow your population. Shield icon — displays the health status of each building. When you are attacked by enemy armies, the health will go down, until each building is destroyed!

If a building is destroyed, you lose all the men inside that building. If the tower is destroyed, you lose control of the sector! Note that shields for AD onwards require a factory to be manufactured first see below.

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Defences icon — allows you to deploy defenders. Click on the desired defence weapon the mouse will change to a shield icon — on touchscreens, a shield icon will appear in the top right corner , then click on a building turret to deploy. You can also return defenders back inside by not clicking on a defensive weapon or clicking again to disable the deployment , and click on a turret that has a defender deployed.