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The most obvious answer is computer users saving too many versions of the same file in multiple places. Another common source of duplicates is similar files. What about the other un-picked ones as we call, similar photos? They often get ignored.

10 Best Duplicate File Finder And Cleaner Apps for Mac 12222

But when you sync these images between your phone and computer, the lack-of-storage problem will occur sooner or later. Those software developers are intelligent! They know our pain. They take the time to design and develop these kinds of applications to help us root out unnecessary files quickly. Therefore, it is always recommended that you carefully review each item before deciding to delete it just in case of misoperation. You may have good reason to keep them in different folders, especially when your computer is shared with someone else.

The main value of these programs is saving time. In addition, keep in mind that when your PC or Mac lacks storage you can often reclaim much disk space by using a cleaning program. For example, if you have installed too many third-party programs, the cause for low disk space is that the hard drive or solid state drive has been occupied by program files, and you should try to uninstall those unneeded programs to reclaim space. Nevertheless, here are the factors we took into consideration during our testing.

A good duplicate file finder can do a more thorough search also called deep search in some programs and be as specific as possible in its approach to scanning your computer hard drive. Most of the time, you just need to make a few clicks following the software instructions before letting it scan. This varies by software. The more file extensions, names, times, and sizes an app can detect, the more duplicates it can dredge up.

Also, this helps find specific types of duplicate files more efficiently. You know you have tons of duplicate pictures stored in the Pictures folder. All you have to do with a duplicate finder is define the search method to include images, then scan only that folder. A good software will make it easy for you to compare originals and copies and safely deal with them.

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This is especially helpful for photos. Also, some duplicate file finders, like the winners we selected below, allow you to detect similar — not just exact files that you may not want to delete. Some software programs will let you export the duplicates instead of deleting them, or save them to a specific temporary folder to deal with later. The point is that you should be able to reverse those delete operations. Some duplicate file finders are not super user-friendly and take some know-how to navigate.

Getting to Know Duplicate File Finders

You may not want to waste your time wrestling with a piece of software that takes forever to learn. Likewise, for Mac users, you want the app to be compatible with the macOS version you Mac machine is running, e. High Sierra First things first: As they say — backup is king in the digital age! MacPaw has been developing Mac software for almost a decade, with CleanMyMac being their flagship product.

Gemini 2 , in our opinion, is and should be part of their Mac cleaning toolkit. By wiping these duplicates, you can recover tons of space. Of course, this only happens when your Mac is filled with copies such as redundant backups, similar photos, etc. What we especially like about Gemini 2 is its sleek user interface, well-designed navigation flow, and best of all its duplicate detection capability.

The main screen of the app is shown as above. Once you install and open it on your Mac, you choose a mode to get started. Next, wait for the scan to complete. Depending on the number of files in that folder, it may take seconds or minutes for the process to complete.

Pro tip: Learn more from this Gemini review we wrote earlier. Then, review duplicates once the scan is completed. This step requires extra attention and can be quite time-consuming as well. Thankfully, Gemini 2 makes it easy for us to sort through the duplicates list grouped by Exact Duplicates and Similar Files, as shown below. It also automatically selects the duplicate or similar items the app thinks are safe for removal. But the machine is the machine: So, try to review each group of files and make sure to only select those items you think are okay to get rid of.

Not bad! Gemini 2 offers a trial version that allows you to remove MB files maximum. If you exceed the limit, you need to pay to activate the full version. Get Gemini 2 for Mac. DuplicateCleaner 4 , like its name says, is a pure duplicate cleaner program developed by DigitalVolcano, a UK-based software company. Before we tested the program, the tutorials their support team curated in both video and text format impressed us quite a bit.

Duplicate File Finder for Mac - Overview

In our opinion, Windows applications usually lack in user experience compared to Mac apps. But DuplicateCleaner certainly wins both in capability and usability for the PC user. Once the scan is complete, an overview window is presented so you can understand how much disk space those duplicates have taken. Then comes the review process: You check each group of items and delete the unneeded ones.

DuplicateCleaner Pro will then move them to the Recycle Bin.

Top 8 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Mac in

If you have questions about using the program, this video tutorial made by DigitalVolcano earlier this year should be very helpful. You may also click on the question mark inside the program which will bring you to the manual. The step-by-step instructions are very helpful as well.

We tested the latest version, 4.

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The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. The trial version is free for 15 days, with certain function limitations: Get Duplicate Cleaner Pro. Like the name indicates, Easy Duplicate Finder is very easy to use.

Top 8 Best Duplicate File Finder Software for Mac in 12222

You can see it below in the user interface. In addition, you can use the app to scan online storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. For example:. Personally, we think this is a key feature that somehow got hidden away. One weird thing that JP found: He had no idea why that was the case. Anyway, the point is, the very first step you should take is selecting a scan mode, and then going to Step 1 as instructed.

To save time, Easy Duplicate Finder allows you to select specific file types to scan. This helps shorten the scan process and makes it easier for you to review found items later on. Once my scan was finished, the app showed an overview of the results: By default, Easy Duplicate Finder automatically selects the duplicates, supposing that all you want is to trash them.

The trial version has a limit of removing only 10 duplicate file groups. To bust this limit, you need to upgrade to the full version which requires payment. For more detailed testing and findings, read the review our teammate Adrian wrote a while back. Get Easy Duplicate Finder.